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Graphic Design

My graphic design experience covers many realms, from business cards, event posters and marketing materials to UI graphics for building engineers.

Website Design & Coding

Because I am both a website designer as well as a developer, I am able to design with an eye towards the back-end coding that would be required to execute it. I am fluent in HTML & CSS, and know my way around PHP, javascript & jQuery.

WordPress Development

WordPress is my jam, especially when it comes to theme customization. What does that mean? I can create an original site design for your business and implement it using WordPress as a back end. The result is a beautiful, customized site that you can easily update yourself.


I can provide complete branding services for your business, from color palette to tagline to logos. I love working with businesses and individuals to discover what they want to communicate and then translating that into a brand.

Photography / Video

In addition to graphic design and web development, I also have extensive experience as a video editor and a photographer. I've focused my energies on the former, but if there is a need for some light video editing, or original photography, I can deliver. I find these skills are most helpful, however, when interfacing my design work with other video editors or photographers.


In a former life, I worked for a Soho ad agency, producing commercials. Eventually my journey led me to produce, direct, act in, and edit short films in Los Angeles. I currently put my story telling passions into my design work and into reading to my two little girls at bedtime. I also play the bassoon... 🙂