Much like the chef who never cooks at home, my portfolio is out of date.

Until I dedicate time to update it properly, I’m listing selected website development and design work in links below. Please do check back later, as I hope to have the time to give my own site the love and attention that I give to my clients’ projects.

Right now, my professional priorities are with my clients. Thank you for understanding!
(And of course, if you’re interested in becoming a client, please contact me.)

Selected site design/development:

LD Consulting, LLC
Pouring Into You
Harrison Middleton University
Insight Vet Imaging
THP Law Firm
Energy 350
Greenline Fine Woodworking
Cascade Erectors
Gresham Injury Law
DaVinci Digital
Douglas W. Sullivan Law Office

Graphic Design (selected projects):

Suzanne Gall logo
THP logo
Douglas Sullivan logo
Cascade Erectors logo
DaVinci business card back
DaVinci Automa Logo
Powerful Nurturing business card front
Adam Audio logo
August Light digipak outside
so blissed out logo

A little about me…

I have a love story, and it goes something like this:

I love beautiful design. I love when it “clicks” in my gut. I love solving problems, whether it be finding a bit of pesky code, architecting a database, or coming up with the perfect color palette.
…And happy accidents make me downright giddy.

My love story began over a dozen years ago with the insistence encouragement of friends. As it turned out, my particular skill set (attention to detail, ability to look at the big picture, innate sense of design, persistence, story telling capabilities…) lent itself to graphic design & web development, and an affair was born.

But what I want to know is: What’s your business’s story? And how can I help you tell that story?

You can let me know here.